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Brilliance Inspired by Nature: SYNCRYSTAL SUPERNOVA Red and Turquoise

ECKART presents two new pearlescent pigments at in in-cosmetics, Amsterdam

Hartenstein, 09.04.2018 – At in-cosmetics, Amsterdam, April 17-19 ECKART launches two new effect pigments for decorative cosmetics and personal care applications. SYNCRYSTAL SUPERNOVA Red and SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise are both inspired by nature. 

With its intense color, SYNCRYSTAL SUPERNOVA Red is reminiscent of the magnificent spectacle a star explosion in space creates. Based on ECKART’s patented coating technology, the fascinating pearlescent pigment has a superb hiding power. The pigment addresses the needs of brand owners and manufacturers in search of a pure, strong, and authentic red.

SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise is inspired by the vivid colors of the Caribbean Sea. As a stand-alone product, the unique aqua-colored pigment combines an extraordinary greenish-blue with a subtle satiny shimmer. It has an intense bulk color and strong illuminating effects. 

The new pigments premiere in ECKART’s color trends for Winter 2019/20:

  • Revival reinterprets familiar winter colors to achieve bewitching effects. Amongst others, it includes the eye shadow gel ”Memorable Turquoise” which features the new SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise pigment.
  • Pomp & Circumstance provides a stunning palette of reds, purple, and taupe full of sparkle, shimmer, and shine, celebrating the festive seasons.
  • Back to the Roots offers an exciting reinterpretation of bright red lipstick, nail polish, and creamy rouge based on SYNCRYSTAL SUPERNOVA Red.

All SYNCRYSTAL pigments are based on synthetic mica, which provides a superior skin feel plus an outstanding chroma. As usual, the new products can be employed in countless combinations to obtain the desired color shade.

At in-cosmetics, ECKART invites formulators and marketers to its „Golden Lounge”, located at Stand F40. Visitors can experience the wide range of metallic fashion trends and styles which gold and bronze effect pigments make possible.