Information on the COVID-19

Status June 16, 2020

Employee health remains our top priority

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Considering the rapid spread of the Coronavirus worldwide, ECKART has established an internal task force to develop and implement proactive measures in response to the COVID-19 virus. We continue to institute ongoing policies and procedures to address the very fluid nature of the pandemic.

These include:

  • We have implemented a COVID-19 Response Plan procedure to protect the safety and health of all employees and to limit the spread of COVID-19 and meet OSHA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) requirements,
  • Following the guidelines and best practices of the CDC, we are implementing strict hygiene and protective measures for all employees to avoid infections,
  • Limited personal contact with customers, suppliers and visitors; including the implementation of special security measures for areas with frequent contact with visitors and external companies,
  • Elimination of all non-essential travel; including a complete ban on travel to high-risk areas,
  • Postponement of on-site customer seminars, employee seminars and internal courses,
  • For safety reasons, people returning from risk areas - whether on business or private trips - work remotely for two weeks before returning to work,
  • Implementation of remote work for non-operation critical functions,
  • Adjustments in operating procedures to ensure production reliability; including training of additional personnel, in case of sickness-related absences,
  • Review of inventory of raw materials and finished goods, establishing sufficient stocking levels for medium-term coverage.

As various States and counties have now issued “stay at home” orders (although varying terminology – the general content of these orders is largely the same), we continue to run our production sites: Chemical companies are included as essential businesses that may continue to operate; additionally, companies whose products may be “in the supply chain of essential items” are also deemed as essential and permitted – even encouraged – to keep running.   We recognize that some of our products are used in critical industries such as food and energy.  As a result, our current planning – which, of course, may change as the situation evolves – is to continue to operate.

Please contact your ECKART representative if you have additional questions.