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Eckart - Effect Pigments

in-cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg

Hamburg - the “Gateway to the World” - opens its doors for in-cosmetics 2014

Meet ECKART Effect Pigments and BYK Additives and Instruments at In-Cosmetics 2014! 

For the first time, we will bring together our knowledge and expertise in the fields of effect pigments and additives: 

ECKART will showcase its effect pigment and filler product lines that provide manifold visual and sensorial effects designed for cosmetics and personal care products.

The former Rockwood Additives are now part of BYK and the new portfolio of rheology modifiers perfectly complements ECKART’s specialties for cosmetics and personal care. 

Apart from additives BYK is also specialized in the manufacture and after-sales service of equipment for the measurement, control and quality assurance of colored materials. 

BYK Gardner offers complete quality control solutions for your application in cosmetics.  

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you, answer your questions, and jointly develop sustainable and superior concepts - tailor made for meeting your requirements. 

Visit us in hall 1, stand L40!



The performance of ECKARTs borosilicate based effect pigment series is outstanding in respect to high transparency, unique color purity and luster. MIRAGE pigments distinguish themselves by an extraordinary glamorous effect.
The borosilicate based effect pigment series is extended by four new interference grades – MIRAGE Dazzling Gold, Dazzling Red, Dazzling Blue and Dazzling Green. Its wide particle size range allows maximum sparkle while it is still consistent in color. Eye-catching effects are guaranteed!


The synthetic mica based effect pigment range offers silvery pearlescence, brilliant interference effects, warm earth tones and expressive colors. The pigment range provides superior skin feel, high purity and excellent chroma. 


SYNAFIL S is a synthetic fluorphlogopite filler with outstanding color purity and remarkable low heavy metal content. It contributes to product properties like skin feel, pay-off and pressability of powders.

SYNAFIL W is a polypropylene wax based filler that e.g. can be used to mattify formulations.


The metallic effect pigment series is based on aluminum resp. metal alloys. These pigments combine dramatic metallic reflection with unrivalled coverage. VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Red 34 as an intense red shade is newly introduced to enhance the existing series.


SILVERDREAM is dedicated to metallic pigment preparations for nail polishes and features impressive metallic highlights ranging from captivating silver sparkle to three-dimensional magnetic effects. 

Rheological Modifiers

These additives for rheology control optimize viscosity, improve stability and anti-settling characteristics and are also used as thickeners in the individual systems.

Trends Colors Autumn | Winter 2015 | 2016


Electrifying Allure

The beauty and softness of an angelic face contrasted with the coolness and aloofness of leather and rivets electrifies sophisticated women in autumn 2015.

Eternal Flames

By presenting warm reddish and berry hues that merge with variations of muted reds and grays a romantic fireplace atmosphere is created in this theme.

Trend Concept


Berries & Champagne

Fantasies unfold in the composition of berrylike freshness and the elegance of champagne - arranged in a selection of skin care and color cosmetic applications. 

The visual effects are harmonically rounded off with fruit fragrances.

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