ECKART Effect Pigments

Brilliance in Effect Pigments

Dear Visitor,

Our preparations for the European Coatings Show are in full swing! We are very much looking forward to talking to you about the future development of pigments for paints, particularly with regard to autonomous driving. 

On our stand you can also expect to see specially developed VOC-free pigment pastes for both aqueous and conventional systems. These meet the strict new regulations, while still giving you the greatest possible freedom when formulating your paints.

During your visit, be sure to take a look at our latest EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange product. It features what is currently the highest chroma in the orange range. If you prefer things a little more understated, our new synthetic pearlescent pigments in copper and bronze tend to produce a more pastel-colored effect with a subtle sparkle.

In the area of powder coatings we present the highest pigment purity combined with the greatest chemical stability as well as a non-leafing pigment preparation that doesn’t require bonding, but nonetheless offers the application properties of bonded powder coatings.

This year we are once again presenting our color trends of the future! With a constantly growing product range, colors and effects are a key purchasing criterion. Our team creates color tone compositions every year and also issues a trend book with paint samples. 

It is a service that goes down well: Some of our customers immediately embrace the suggestions for the paints and plastics, while others are inspired to come up with their own color creations.

We would prefer to show you all of these things and other pigment innovations live and in person, so make sure you drop by. ECKART is located in hall 4 A, stand 314 A!