ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Revival

Trend Color Autumn/Winter 2019/20 - Revival

Same but so different!

Almost every season we witness the renaissance of something well-known – a vintage fashion trend, a music style or a color. But what may look like a mere revival at first, turns out to be an ingenious reinterpretation of the familiar – same but different, and markedly so!
Premiering our brand new SYNCRYSTAL Turquoise, „Revival” reinterprets familiar winter colors to achieve bewitching effects to lighten up those short, dark days. Colors include dark red and berry shades plus grey and ivory tones.

Nail Polishes: Everlasting Love, Lady in Violet, Highlight, Lucky Teal
Lash Boosting Eyeliner: Never say never
Eye Shadow Gel: Simply the Best, Moonlight Shadow, Memorable Turquoise
Lip Gloss: Berrylicious, Pearly Boom