ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Be crazy

Trend Color Forecast Autumn/Winter 2018/19 - BE CRAZY

Celebrating the unpredictable!

ColorsLip Glosses: Hip hip hooray, Oh my ….
Creamy Eye Shadows: Frozen Huckleberry, Mysterious Blackberry, Call it Cyan, Surprise Surprise SilverNail Polishes: My Showpiece, Frosty Bubble, Holographic SparklerPowder
Highlighter: Magic Stardust Who wouldn’t like to leave the daily grind every once in a while? With its stunning effects, this trend supplies the perfect scheme for an adventure into the truly unpredictable. Colors are metallic and range from different variations of blue to magenta and berry plus silver.

When applied, the blue lip gloss turns out to be not blue at all but creates an exceptional luster instead. Alternately, lips can be painted magenta for a more colorful appearance. The creamy eye shadows unfold extraordinary effects on the skin, too. The silver metallic shade, supplied by the new VISIONAIRE Splendid Silver Sea pigment, shows a sudden blue sparkle and the Cyan tone becomes a brilliant green! With SYNCRYSTAL and SILVERDREAM pigments, nail polishes rely on tones of blue and ice, culminating in a holographic silvery fireworks. To complete the theme, the powder highlighter adds a magic shimmer to cheeks and neckline, thanks to the addition of VISIONAIRE Bright Silver Sea pigment plus the mixture of MIRAGE Red and Blue pigments.

Powder Highlighter- “Magic Stardust”


Nail Polish – “My Showpiece”PDF

Nail Polish – “Holographic Sparkler”


Nail Polish – “Frosty Bubble”PDF
Lip Gloss – “Oh my…!“PDF
Lip Gloss – “Hip, hip, hooray!“PDF
Creamy Eye Shadow Tower - “Frozen Huckleberry”PDF
Creamy Eye Shadow Tower - “Mysterious Blackberry”PDF
Creamy Eye Shadow Tower - “Call it cyan”PDF
Creamy Eye Shadow Tower - “Surprise, Surprise Silver”PDF