ECKART Effect Pigments

ECKART Trend Color Forecast Spring/Summer 2018 – ROOFTOP PARTY


The sun is going down. The sky is shimmering red, pink and orange just before the soft, purple night envelopes everything. The air is becoming cooler. In the background, someone is strumming a ukulele, laughter and singing can be heard. The two friends leave the beach and return to the city, where a roof party awaits them: Welcome, guests from far away and thank you for your visit. Mahalo! Dance with us and see how we experience life!

Bright red, orange-yellow variations, blue
Compact Blush: Pink Cosmopolitan
Mousse Eye Shadow: Jacuzzi Blue
Pressed Eye Shadow: Lemon Martini
Lipstick: Tangerine Queen
Matte Lipstick: Sunset Red
Nail Polishes: Periwinkle Bunch, Blueberry Slush, Strawberry Colada, City Skyline