Body care

This area is represented by care products like shampoo, shower gel, peeling, lotion, cream and others.


Clay, Peel Off, DIY, Sheet Mask, Creme, Patches, etc., etc.  The quantity and sorts of (face) masks on the market is increasing by the day. 

Consumers are under pressure to look their best in real life and online and this is driving skin care sales. Consumer´s purchase motivations are largely governed by high expectations of product benefits that will suit their skin needs, address specific concerns and perfect their skin’s look and feel. Masks –mainly for the face, are perfectly suited for this purpose.

But no matter how effective a product is, if the mask doesn´t stay in place, isn´t easy to remove or doesn´t look appealing, this will reduce the chance for a re-buy. ECKART can support the development of all sorts of (face) masks. With its rheology additives to optimize application and rheology, masks feel better, have the right consistency and stay in place.

Additionally, ECKART´s effect pigments improve the look of the mask and support marketing positionings: Be it with its gold, silver, pearly types for luxurious feelings or green, blue, red or black to support the optical appearance of other ingredients. Check our formulations for ultimative face-masks:

Mask concepts

Peel-off Mask - "Spaceman”PDF
Clay Mask – “Black Pearl”PDF
Instant Face Mask - "Green Clay"PDF
Jelly Face Mask – “Frog Prince”PDF
Peel-off Mask - "Black Pearl”PDF
Clay Mask – “Berry Dream”PDF
Skinfood Face Mask – “revitalises dry & dehydrated skin”PDF
Overnight Lip Mask - "Jasmine & Vanilla”PDF
Face Refreshing Cream Mask – “wonderfully moisturized & smooth skin”PDF
Peel-off Mask - "Cleopatra”PDF