MIRAGE Holo Magic

MIRAGE Holo Magic has been specifically designed to create stunning lively multidimensional effects. This new effect pigment with multi-colored interference and very high sparkle allows the creation of eye-catching rainbow effects in personal care and color cosmetic applications, especially in lip glosses, highlighters and eye shadows.

This highly transparent and extremely brilliant effect pigment combines current demands for stunning effects with the consumer desire to act sustainably and eco-friendly. Like the entire MIRAGE family by ECKART, MIRAGE Holo Magic is based on borosilicate and therefore free of mineral oil and microplastics.

INCI: Calcium Sodium Borosilicate (and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Tin Oxide (and) Iron Oxides (and) Silica

Particle Size: 15 – 150 µm

Article Number: 025811

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MIRAGE Holo Magic PDF Silver


Liquid Eye Shimmer – “It’s Holo magic”PDF
Liquid Eye Shimmer – “Spotlight on”PDF
Liquid Eye Shimmer – “Let the show begin”PDF
Lip Gloss – “hip.holo.glam”PDF
Lip Gloss – “”PDF
Lip Gloss – “”PDF
Liquid Eyeliner – “Vegas Black”PDF
Creamy Eye Shimmer – “Welcome to Glitz & Glamour”PDF
Creamy Eye Shimmer – “Glittering Lights”PDF
Creamy Eye Shimmer – “Sparkling Sky”PDF
Holographic Skin Highlighter Pot – “Multi-dimensional look”PDF
Jelly Highlighter – “Happy & healthy-looking skin”PDF
Liquid Highlighter – “Star of the Show“PDF
Jelly Gel Highlighter – “Endless Glow”PDF
Fantastic Lipstick – “Stiletto Red”PDF
Fantastic Lipstick – “Viva Las Vegas”PDF
Luminous Lip Gloss – “Holo meets Nude”PDF
Body Shimmer Spray – “The Mirage”PDF
Liquid Skin Highlighter - "Beautiful Holo Sparkle”PDF
Magic Skin Lotion – “Sparkle & Care”PDF
Well-being Lotion – “Sparkling & Beautiful Skin”PDF