PURE THIX - Water phase

Non-ionic associative thickener

PURE THIX-1442 is a non-ionic hydrophobic modified polymer flake. It forms clear aqueous solutions and is designed especially for personal care formulations. PURE THIX-1442 provides pseudoplastic flow behavior by associative thickening with other formulation ingredients.

• Form crystal clear gels
• Pseudoplastic flow behavior
• Very good salt tolerance
• Compatible with non-ionic, anionic and cationic surfactants
• Does not require neutralization
• Viscosity is pH-independent in the range from pH 5.5 and higher
• "Associative" thickening with other formulation ingredients

• Bath and Shower Gels
• Color Cosmetic Products
• Creams and Lotions
• Hair Care and Styling Products
• Sunscreen Products



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