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It's no secret that women of color often get the short end of the foundation stick. For years, products for darker skin tones have been nonexistent or have left women looking ashy. This is disappointing, considering that black women spend billions of dollars on beauty products.
Now the cosmetic industry is reacting to the needs of these valuable consumers and finally launching a wide-range of products. While doing that, developers and marketers are also realizing the challenges of products for darker skin tones.

- Coverage and evening out skin tones
- Reducing the appearance of discoloration
- Reducing oily shine
- Reducing ashiness
- Outstanding color shades fot ethnic skin

With the formulation experience of our technicians, and its wide range of effect pigments and rheology additives ECKART is best prepared to support with the development of products for darker skin tones 

...offering semi-transparent coverage on the skin to tune the skin tone
...adding non-oily shine to ashy skin
...offering a huge color palette

Check our formulations especially developed for darker skin!


African Beats - “Invisible Cover Foundation”PDF
African Beats - “Lip Tint”PDF
African Beats - "Glamorous Body Lotion”PDF
African Beats – “Creamy Eye Color”PDF
African Beats – “Fantastic Lipstick”PDF
African Beats – “Shimmering Face & Eye Highlighter”PDF
African Beats – "Pressed Powder Blush"PDF