Trend Color Autumn/Winter 2019/20 - Pomp & Circumstance

Dazzling sparkle for the festive season

During winter’s festive season brilliant colors are key to a glamorous entrance. „Pomp & Circumstance” provides a stunning palette of red, purple and taupe, full of sparkle, shimmer and shine. With its enchanting interplay of light and shade, this trend offers a fascinating variety of styles for different occasions.
Wether a decent radiant glow for family celebrations, stunning elegance for festive dinners or the dazzling glitter that turns a New Year’s Eve party into a memorable occasion, they all become possible with „Pomp & Circumstance”.

Lip Gloss – “Let's celebrate!“PDF
Lip Gloss – “Rockin' Red“


Pressed Eye Shadow - “Brilliant Fireworks”PDF

Loose Eye Shadow - “Time to Shine”


Creamy Eye Shimmer - “Confetti Rain”PDF
Nail Polish - “Red Champagne”PDF
Nail Polish - “Cheers!”PDF
Nail Polish - “Party Star”PDF