Trend Color Forecast Summer 2020 - Deep Ocean

Celebrating Blue

The depth of the ocean is the last frontier on planet Earth. It is the source of all life, but still a big mystery with a high potential for adventure. 

As water is becoming the most precious resource, its many fascinating variations of Blue are becoming a trend. With aquatic make-ups being a global craze in Summer 2020, our Deep Ocean trend features tantalizing shades for eyes and nails alike: from a classic navy blue, over an iridescent aqua, to a crystal clear turquoise and plays with the contrast to red coral reefs. 

Our trend Deep Ocean is based on our synthetic mica pigments SYNCRYSTAL BLUE, SAPPHIRE and TURQUOISE. It plays not only with their remarkable color and purity, but also with their superior skin feel, which is key to achieve the sumptuous creamy consistences.

Creamy Eye Shadow – “Saint Lucia”

Creamy Eye Shadow – “Punta Cana”

Creamy Eye Shadow – “Curaçao”





Lipstick – “Clown Fish“PDF
Lip Gloss – “Aquarella“PDF
Multitasking Powder – “Mango Beach”PDF
Nail Polish – “Cayman Islands“PDF
Nail Polish – “San Juan“PDF
Nail Polish – “Montego Bay“PDF
Primer – “Bahama Breeze”PDF