Trend Color Forecast Summer 2021 - Sakura

The Ephemeral Magic of Early Spring

In Japan, the season of cherry blossom is called “Sakura”. Accordingly, this color trend is a reminiscence of the overwhelming ephemeral beauty of early spring. 

It is based on our SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments to achieve a pearlescent shimmer on skin, lips, and nails – with an occasional sparkle guaranteed. Featured in the four nail polishes, colors include satiny rose, pink, nude, and violet shades. The results are intriguing.

The innovative pink Lip Tint “Strawberry Mochi” uses our fillers SYNAFIL and ECOFIL to deliver opaque matt tinting effects. On the other hand, the Lip Gloss & Topper “Picnic in the Park” employs MIRAGE pigments to stun with its transparent shine. These two products can be applied individually or in combination to obtain unrivalled colorful sparkle and gloss.

”Hanami” and “Cherry Blossom”, the two eye shadow gels, differ in lightness to achieve an individually suited rosy shade. The last highlight of this concept is the Body Mist ”Beautiful Spring Day” which provides a transparent rosy colored sparkle to the skin.