Sounds of Colour - Echoes of nature - Naturalness / Echo / Contentedness

Nature is not influenced by colour trends – and yet it transforms itself from one season to the next. We all know the greens of the trees and meadows, the blues of the sky and of water, and the variety of yellows
found in flowers and fruits. But most of the time, we focus on very different things. In everyday life, we concentrate on our work and on our customers’ needs. Our thoughts and actions revolve around this important task. But we can experience ourselves differently when we are out in nature, listening to its sounds – like the buzzing of the bees. We are in exploring mode and experience pure joy.

“ECHOES OF NATURE” combines trending colours that originate from nature and enrich our lives: light shades of yellow, the green of conifers, a deep ocean blue and the brilliant shades of The Northern Lights.

Once again the broad spectrum of colors in nature provides product designers with a wealth of inspiration. They play with this theme using surfaces of metallic appearance and transparent glitter effects.

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