STAPA® PP Reflexal - Silver Metallic Pigment Preparations for Plastics

Enter ECKART with its range of modified silver metallic effect pigment preparations designed especially for coloring plastics - STAPA® PP Reflexal. As far as quality is concerned, these preparations based on silver dollar technology (polyolefin base, 80-85% pigment content) check all the boxes within the Automotive Industry.

The main use of STAPA® PP Reflexal is inside vehicles, but it is also ideal for all other plastic-related applications that require high coverage, safe and simple handling, easy dispensing, and excellent dispersion properties. The odorless and dust-free pigments are also approved for food packaging in many regions.

nombre del producto hoja de datos técnicos hoja de datos de seguridad Gama de colores comparar
STAPA® PP Reflexal 1032/80 PDF Silver
STAPA® PP Reflexal 1531/80 PDF Silver
STAPA® PP Reflexal 2031/80 PDF Silver
STAPA® PP Reflexal 2532/80 PDF Silver
STAPA® PP Reflexal 3432/85 Silver