SYMIC PCE A393: Extremely Fine, Colorful, Cost-Efficient

Brilliance at the highest level, combined with impressive color intensity: With the new synthetic pearlescent pigment SYMIC PCE A393, ECKART presents one of the most brilliant gold shades for powder coatings.

The very thin, structureless effect pigment is a new addition to the already established SYMIC PCE family of weather-stable pearlescent pigments. 

The primary development goal of achieving the highest possible degree of efficiency has been successfully implemented - and this has so far been unrivalled on the powder coatings market. The pronounced golden color strength even with low pigmentation and the ideal electrostatic charge offer extensive scope for cost optimization. 

Like the entire SYMIC PCE range, the new SYMIC PCE A393 is highly resistant, making it suitable for all interior and exterior applications and can be processed both in dry-blend and bonding.

By the way: SYMIC PCE A393 can be perfectly combined with other ECKART effect pigments for powder coatings. Adding aluminum pigments, for example, produces elegant champagne shades, while blending with other pigments from the SYMIC PCE range results in very trendy, versatile metallic gold shades.

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