ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Visit us at FAKUMA 2018
    In hall B2, booth B2-2208

Easy to handle and highly chromatic

At FAKUMA 2018, ECKART presents new highly chromatic color shade effect pigments and stunning trend colors for 2019.

Hartenstein, September 17, 2018 – ECKART facilitates production processes of master batchers and compounders with innovative products. The new MASTERSAFE pigment preparations are the best example of this. The pigment producer presents them at this year’s FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen from 16 to 20 October 2018 in hall B2, booth B2-2208.

EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange

EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange is a further addition to the portfolio. The highly chromatic synthetic pearlescent pigment permits brilliant orange-metallic shades, expanding the color space ECKART Ruby Red opened. Both pigments are based on ECKART’s patented coating technology for layered silicates and show superb chemical as well as shear stability. They are suited for all plastics manufacturing processes, permitting extraordinary optical effects in cosmetic, sports and life-style products.


MASTERSAFE SYMIC pigment preparations are easy to dose and easy to handle, de-dusted gold and silver pellets with a pigment content of 70 per cent. Their optical properties are absolutely identical with those of the SYMIC powders.

The pellets permit a dust- and solvent-free production of colour master batches and can be used in a variety of production processes. These include extrusion, injection and blown molding, blown film and cast film extrusion. Applications are not only automotive plastic parts, household and electrical appliances but also cosmetics and food packaging, since the pellets are suited for food contact.

Colour Road 2019

As in previous years, ECKART uses the industry meeting in Friedrichshafen to present the upcoming colour trends for plastics, titled ”Colour Road 2019”. Under the umbrella term ”Sounds of Colour” the trends inspire synesthetic experiences. The three different colour schemes permit impressive gloss, glitter, and metallic effects in home environments, furniture and consumer goods as well as cosmetic packaging. ”Noises of life” is based on shades of grey and brown and ”Voices of Music” on orange, red, and bronze tones, while “Echoes of Nature” features variations of green and yellow.